Knowing how to sell a house in Calgary doesn’t come easily, but that’s why we’re here. We believe in fully preparing our clients for whatever comes next; when it comes to selling your home, you’ll have an experience that’s uniquely tailored to your home, your situation, and your plans for the future.

Here are our 7 Steps to Selling a House in Calgary Successfully:

Step 1 - Getting Started Selling

The first step in how to sell a house is easy: Get in touch with our team! Once you’ve contacted us, we’ll get as much information about your property as we can and set up a time to evaluate your home or have our first meeting.

Step 2 - Your Home Evaluation

If we’re already familiar with your home and area, we’ll gather our data and prepare your home evaluation before we meet. If you have a custom-built home, we’ll have a quick meeting to see the property and will evaluate the home’s worth based on our intel.

Step 3 - In-Person Meeting

We can meet at one of our offices or at your property at a time and day that’s convenient for you and your family. If that means waiting until after your kids’ bedtime or getting together before you head to work, then we’re happy to accommodate. We’ll review our Comparative Market Analysis of your home, establish a listing price, walk you through the steps of how to sell a house in Calgary, develop a real estate marketing strategy, discuss our fees and costs, and go over any other questions you have.

Step 4 - Complimentary Staging Consultation

Our trusted stager will be in touch with you soon after our meeting to set up a consultation. With her eye for detail and style, she’ll recommend any upgrades or improvements that can be made to improve your home’s value and attraction. If that requires larger projects like renovations, we can recommend trusted professionals in the area to help.

Step 5 - Customized Real Estate Marketing Plan and Listing Launch

Want to know how to sell a house successfully? At this point, your home will look its best and you’ll be ready to showcase it to all of those eager buyers. Our in-house photographer and videographer will take high-quality video, photos, and aerial video to capture your property at its best.

We will have your house professionally measured, have accurate floorplans drawn up, and will prepare the listing proof for your approval. We will also collaborate with you to determine the best plan of attack; perhaps a coming soon campaign, or open houses, etc. We recognize your home is unique and requires a unique approach to create the best first impression when your listing goes live.

Step 6 - Open Houses and Showings

We’ll help you prepare for showings by advising on everything from what lights to have on to the best temperature to set and what snacks to keep out on the counter. We know that showings can be a hassle–especially if you have kids. We’ll work around your schedule so that showings are only held at the most convenient time for you and your family.

Step 7 - Offers and Negotiations

We’ll be in constant communication throughout the home selling process, so when an offer (or offers) comes in, you’ll be ready. We’ll review the offer price, terms and conditions, and make sure the buyer is qualified and that you’re getting the absolute best dollar for your home. Our team will negotiate down to the dollar on your behalf until you get the maximum amount for your property, in the shortest possible time.

What’s Next?

First of all, congratulations! At this stage, you will have a SOLD sticker on the sign, and you’ll be ready to make your next move to a new home. We recognize you are busy, so that’s why we will assist you to keep your “to-do list” to a minimum. We will handle all real estate documentation on your behalf, deposits, paperwork and more. We’ll send you task lists and email reminders of which steps to take and of course be there to answer any questions you have so you’re never left wondering what’s next. If need to learn even more about how to sell a house, we’re always just a call, text, or email away if you ever need any help. We keep our level of communication strong–even long after you’ve sold.

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