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The snow is turning brown and the crows are chirping once again, the sweet signs of spring! To get into the spirit of the season we are grabbing our buckets and label makers and getting to work. Here is everything you need to scrub, organize and throw out right now.

1. Declutter

Before you can start disinfecting you need to declutter! As much as you’ll miss your favourite wrapping paper scraps from 2003 it’s time to say a tearful goodbye. Don’t just declutter in real life but declutter your digital life as well. Deleting unused apps, albums and cleaning up your virtual desktop. If you’re not sure you want to throw something out, ask yourself these questions: If I were shopping would I buy this today? Is there sentimental value? Have I used this in the last year? Does this have value to me today? Am i only keeping this so I don’t waste money?

40 Things to say goodbye to this Spring:

  1. Old Magazines
  2. Worn out hair elastics & broken clips
  3. Old CD’s & DVD’s
  4. Empty pens
  5. Games with missing pieces
  6. Toys your kids don’t play with, or grew out of
  7. Worn coasters
  8. Broken Christmas decorations
  9. Manuals (everything is online now)
  10. Stockings with runs and holes
  11. Unused sunglasses
  12. Dried up or unused makeup products
  13. Old half empty bottles of lotion, shampoo etc.
  14. Unmatched earrings
  15. Lonely socks
  16. Expired medications
  17. Old coupons and mail
  18. Change purses you’ve never used
  19. Old bags and purses
  20. Worn out pillows
  21. Ratty shoes
  22. Plastic clothes hanger
  23. Cancel magazine subscriptions you don’t want anymore
  24. Those boxes you thought you’d use
  25. Empty Jars from your Mason jar phase
  26. Old phones/ iPods (you won’t use them one day)
  27. Delete duplicate photos, screen shots and just plain bad photos
  28. Frayed towels & Wash cloths
  29. Old textbooks
  30. Old cell phone covers
  31. Takeout menus you never order from
  32. Clothes that don’t fit or are just plain ugly.
  33. Unsubscribe from emails you hate getting (it’s not that hard, just click at the bottom)
  34. Recycle old paperwork from your desk and desktop.
  35. Mismatched cutlery and glasses
  36. Old and unused batteries
  37. Old thick nail polish
  38. Scraps of wrapping paper
  39. Delete old texts and contacts
  40. Cancel digital services you don’t use

2. Kitchen

Now that you have decluttered it is time to hit the big whale. Your kitchen. It’s good to hit the kitchen first so you don’t lose your steam doing it last.

  1. Clean window sills & glass
  2. Scrub back splash
  3. Dust and wash out light fixtures
  4. Organize spices, throw out all old and unused. Clean out drawer, rack or cupboard.
  5. Organize cookbooks, throw out all unused. Index cards covered with spills rewrite.
  6. Scrub front of cabinets, take out items and clean inside. Reorganize when placing items back in.
  7. Clean microwave, inside and out along with your microwave cover.
  8. Clean stove, remove drip pans and replace with new ones. Scrub top remove and wipe knobs. Clean inside of oven by hand or use clean setting.
  9. Clean fridge, take out everything, wipe down sticky bottles. Throw out old or empty containers. Replace your barking soda. Vacuum underneath and reorganize items after you’ve cleaned fridge.
  10. Organize and disinfect pantry. Remove everything and wipe down shelves. Throw out expired items. Return organized.
  11. Clean and disinfect sinks and taps.
  12. Wash doors, walls, baseboards and light switches.
  13. Sweep, mop and vacuum floors.

3. Bathrooms

Again, it’s a good idea to do bathrooms while you’re still motivated and excited about cleaning!

  1. Disinfect and wash down your shower and bath. First things first, decalog your drain. Wash the tab and walls thoroughly. Clean the glass or shower curtain, scrub the tap and knobs last.
  2. Wash and dust all mirrors and lighting fixtures.
  3. Remove all items from counter and drawers. Wash and disinfect thoroughly. When you put the items back throw out ones you don’t need and put back neatly.
  4. Clean window sills and windows.
  5. Vacuum the vents and fan blades.
  6. Disinfect all light switches and door knobs.
  7. Clean toilets, sinks and all hardware. Clean the knobs and taps last.

Yay, glad that ones done.

 4. Bedrooms

  1. Dust and polish furniture.
  2. Go through closets and donate all unwanted clothes. Throw out lonely socks, and ratty underwear.
  3. Wash walls, light switches, door knobs and dust light fixtures.
  4. Wash out drawers, refold clothes when you put them back.
  5. Dust drapes, and blinds along with window sills and wash windows.
  6. Wash sheets, pillows, and duvet covers.
  7. Vacuum vents and fan blades.
  8. Dust shelves, and decorations.
  9. Organize and clean under your bed.
  10. Wash or vacuum floors and baseboards.

5. Living Room

  1. Dust book shelves and TV displays. Remove items, throw out or donate anything you don’t use anymore and reorganize when you put back.
  2. Dust all decorations and disinfect all surfaces.
  3. Polish wood where needed.
  4. Dust and clean light fixtures and lamps with shades.
  5. Wash all sofa cushions and blankets. Febreeze anything that can’t be put into the laundry machine.
  6. Dust electronics, any cords not being used put away. Disinfect all remotes and controllers. Clean TV screens and gaming consoles. Untagle cords that you are using.
  7. Throw out old magazines, books and boardgames.
  8. Wash walls, baseboards, vacuum or clean floors. Disinfect light switches.
  9. Donate any unused toys or games your kids to play with anymore.
  10. Vacuum vents and dust fan blades.

There you have it, all the essential rooms with a detailed clean. Enjoy your fresh new home!

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