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2017 Popowich & Company Pumpkin Giveaway a Huge Success

Lets be honest; life is crazy! This constant cycle of wake up, busyness, work, busyness, sleep, wakeup, busyness and repeat is taxing to say the least. Throw in a bunch of kids activities, social commitments, perhaps an emotionally charged civic election and it is difficult to break out of the whirlwind. Despite your political views and crazy schedules the one constant is how great a community we have in Calgary.

On October 14, 2017,  Popowich and Company held our Annual Pumpkin Giveaway. We are humbled for the support that our neighbours in Calgary demonstrated.

The event concept is very simple:

Come get a free pumpkin.







Now if you want to give something back, we were accepting donations for the Calgary Food Bank. And you guessed it….pretty much everyone gave a food bank donation.

The fact that over 200 families were able to break free from the whirlwind and chaos of life, come and pick a pumpkin (or two or three or four) and give back to the community was an amazing thing to be a part of. We are ecstatic to share that we gathered over 500lbs of food, and $300 in cash donations which Popowich & Company has matched and doubled.

Thank you to our sponsors!







Stay tuned for the pumpkin carving contest which we will be rolling out next week! Use the hashtag #popowichpumpkins on Instagram or Facebook, and you will be entered to win awesome prizes.

Thanks again Calgary; we are proud to live here and humbled with your continued support and generosity.

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