December 3, 2020 | Buying

To Decorate, or Not to Decorate…

That is the question. During the holidays, clients wonder if decorating their homes for Christmas is a savvy idea when they’re accommodating showings and wanting to sell their homes over the winter months. 

Here is some of my advice!

❄️ 1. When buyers view your home, they want to envision themselves in it. It’s always inspiring to show them how it can look all decked out 🎄

❄️ 2. Be conservative ~ this isn’t the year to be outrageous. Carefully curate your holiday decor, stick to a single colour palette, and choose items that are appropriately sized according to where they’re going. Before you decorate, ask yourself ‘does this positively accent the space’? Or does it clutter and overwhelm? Another thing to consider is to depersonalize. Don’t showcase anything too personal, less is definitely more!

❄️ 3. Adding exterior decor adds to curb appeal! Setting the tone to a cozy and beautiful interior beyond starts at the front door. Spruce up your exterior with a plush eucalyptus wreath, thoughtfully lighted shrubs, and a beautiful pine garland around your door. These items will all pleasantly await buyers and add smiles to their faces during the festive months.

Decorating exterior home for Christmas
69 Cougarstone Terrace SW, Sold by Popowich & Company

❄️  4. Match colour tones in your home already. Sticking to neutrals and some metallics is a safe choice. Our seller clients thoughtfully adorned the mantle of their show-stopping wood burning fi replace with a simple spruce garland with delicate white twinkling lights (above). Greenery adds a natural element to the rustic room which makes it even more cozy and festive.

❄️ 5. Tuck away the holiday cards. It’s customary to display all your Christmas cards on a surface or strung on a garland across your mantle. But this year, if your home is on the market, skip this tradition. Tuck them away in a drawer before showings- having them out appears messy and is a bit too personal.

❄️ 6. Don’t display gifts under the tree. Avoid the risk of anything going missing, and just don’t do it. Keep them secure in another room or closet.

❄️ 7. Don’t forget, smell is a part of decor! Holiday candles are a great way to add a festive scent to your home but always be diligent about open flames. Light it before your showing and make sure to blow it out half hour before if you’re unsure about leaving it on during a showing. Or, do the old school trick of baking cookies before a showing! Homemade baking is comforting and reminds us of home. What better way to greet a potential buyer?

Decorating exterior home for Christmas
4 Escarpment Place, Sold by Popowich & Company

❄️ 8. Stick with white lights. It’s best to avoid flashing, vibrant Christmas tree lights in multi-colours as they can appear tacky and a bit overwhelming. Stick with white lights, which are more sophisticated and classier option that is softer on the eyes and less ‘in your face’.

❄️ 9. Have photos of your home without the holiday fare. In case buyers are wanting to see what it looks like the other 11 months of the year. It’s great to have on hand and who knows, it may just be the cherry on top of getting an offer in writing.

❄️ 10. Don’t hide, but amplify! When decorating, be sure you’r not obstructing any desirable feature of your home. You don’t want to dress your marble mantle with an oversized garland with lights and pinecones, you want the marble to shine through! Same with choosing the size of your Christmas trees. Don’t squeeze a large 7 ft. into a small condo, or choose a small 6 ft. in a large living room with vaulted ceilings. Know you space and choose the size of objects that will compliment and highlight, not diminish them.

Typically, inventory takes a hit during the winter months around Christmas and New Years. But, the market is still permeated with serious buyers ready to jump on opportunity when they see it.

Listing now could be the best option for you. Lets chat more, reach us anytime.

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