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The Top 5 Common Causes of House Fires – don’t let this happen to your family!

Before I built my real estate business, I was a City of Calgary firefighter. For nearly 13 years I focused my attention on growing awareness, education and protecting families from rogue fires. Worst case scenario was when we had to be engaged in fire suppression activities, and most of the time the disaster could have been prevented. It may look glamorous in the movies, but in real life, it is completely the opposite.

Prevention is paramount so feel free to pass this blog along to your family and friends to read. There are ways to keep your family safe, especially during winter when it is prime house fire season.

Here are the most common causes of house fires:

#1Unattended Cooking – The most common causes of house fires is in the kitchen. When the oil is being heated up and the cook leaves the area and then becomes distracted, disaster can strike. Promise me that when you start cooking you will stay engaged until the meal is prepared and the appliances are turned off and fully cooled.

#2 – Smoking – Although cigarettes have lost their ‘cool’, smoking is still high on the danger radar. Sloppy butting out, discarded matches, or alternative chemicals can all start unintended fires. I have seen it and I don’t want that to happen to you. Be responsible.

#3 – Smoke Detectors that don’t work – Okay, not a cause of fires, but I threw this into the mix now that I have your attention. This is such a simple maintenance item yet most homeowners don’t bother being pro-active with their fire alarms. Nobody expects a fire to occur in their home, which is why this detail often gets neglected. Whether your home is old or new, it is imperative that you have working smoke alarms and that you check monthly. A great rule of thumb is to change your batteries when you change your clocks at daylight savings time. A great practice is to completely replace your smoke detectors every 7-10 years before they stop working.

#4 – Candles– Every year, families are victims of house fires started by forgotten candles. Although you may love the romantic glow of a late-night candle, DO NOT, for one minute, discount the vastness of damage that can be ignited when fire lands on chemically induced drywall, carpet or furniture. The threat is real, and I caution the use of candles. If you are burning candles and need to leave the room then blow them out. I cringe when showing a home and the seller has left candles for the ambience…..stick to the fresh cookies.

#5 – Child’s Play – Children are naturally curious! Of course, we can’t fault them for that, however, every year there are fires started by innocent children. Know the dangers, be honest with your children, don’t be afraid to set boundaries and take the risks seriously.

Stay safe this season and spread the word so that those you love also take fire safety seriously.

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